Robin and his wife started AVISPA embracing their passion for cycling, health, and adventure. Both from Latin American descent, the name AVISPA (translation: Bee) resonated with their unique style and designs, as well as their dedication in bringing awareness of the importance of Bees in our ecosystem and doing what they can to ensure a brighter future.

Bees for Development

The organization they chose to donate proceeds to is Bees for Development located in the UK. This organization has a deep connection with their upbringing having both come from a poor background, they sought to provide opportunity to families who live in 3rd world countries with extreme poverty through the teachings of beekeeping. Bees for Development's mission is to repopulate the ecosystem of Bees while providing entrepreneurial opportunities to families in dire need. "My wife and I never forget where we came from and how our parents struggled to make ends meet, which is why we are humbled to be able to provide opportunity to others who are truly in need."